The ArcSafe, MultiClutch and the NEW ArcSafe-SW manufactured by AMERICAN WELDQUIP provides the maximum collision protection in robotic applications.


The ArcSafe and MultiClutch utilize an integrated switch designed to prevent damage to the robotic end of arm equipment and/or tooling.  In the event of a "crash" situation with the end of arm equipment the switch activates the E-Stop circuit, thus stopping the robot movement.

The NEW ArcSafe-SW is specifically designed for use in robotic applications where the crash protection is integrated into the robotic software package.  Most integrated robotic collision detection software systems take time to come to a complete stop - especially with high speed movements.  This is where the ArcSafe-SW offers additional protection over solid mount type devices.

The built-in spring deflection feature allows the ArcSafe-SW to deflect the end of arm equipment in the event of a crash.  This additional safe guard provides the extra protection required to reduce or eliminate bent goosenecks, cracked insulating disks, and damaged tooling.

The ArcSafe, ArcSafe-SW and Multi-Clutch models are an inexpensive investment to protect equipment, tooling, reduce or eliminate expensive downtime and maintenance issues.




Offers the same features and benefits as the ArcSafe.  The MultiClutch is supplied with a tooling mounting flange.  This flange allows the user to mount different types of equipment to the end of the robot arm.  This might include equipment for material handling, gluing, painting, inspection, etc.


*   Highly Repeatable - Resets to +.001" (+.025mm)

*   Rugged Design - Hardened tool steel in contact and wear points.

*   Common Work Envelope - interchangeability when changing out competitive brands.

*   Provides added Protection in Mx, My, Mz and Fz Directions over solid mount designs.

*   Arm Mounting Post - Hardened tool steel and flat surface for fast and precise wedge pin mounting of torch arms.

*   Air Assist - Standard

*   Quick Installation - Only four screws with common Allen Key Wrench.

*   Protective Seal Boot - Keeps weld spatter out of mounting screws and other critical areas for reduced downtime and maintenance. © | All Rights Reserved